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Monday, October 29, 2012


                                     PERSONAL SPACE -  ELECTRONIC SOUL 1974-1984

This is seriously one of the best compilations I have ever, ever come across. Soul comps are a dime a dozen these days. Usually with all the same mayfield, o'jays e.t.c tracks showing no research or originality. Then there is those comps that are just perfect. Perfect track selection, perfect packaging, perfectly written liner notes.


The theme is to showcase some of the first ever recorded examples of drum machines and synths used in soul music. Usually recorded at the home on 8tracks I guess this is a compilation of some of the first bedroom producers. A unique sound of soul, jazz and blues with strong syncopated drum machine lines and synth pads and lead lines. Amazing music. Put out by chicago based "chocolate industries"this is definitely one to cop. my fav jam on the comp is probably "Key and Clearly", "A MAN" Peep below.

Key & Clearly  -  A Man