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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jay electronica

Jay Electronica - Run & Hide produced by the bullitts.

I was a huge fan of exhibit C when it dropped, The Billy Stewart sample was incredible and his flow was great. He jokingly listed off numbers of prolific rappers who were using different forms of social networking to get in touch with him about when his album was finally going to drop.

In a way I felt it was a very refreshing and satisfying feeling that there was a relatively unknown Mc out there who just might possibly be a new hope for hip hop. His album still hasn't dropped I'm not sure if he is purposely trying to create this suspense or if his creative process is just really this slow but all I can say is I hope it's worth the wait.

There has been a few tracks to drop in the last few weeks that have used very controversial samples. The Kanye, Jayz Otis joint(view below) has received nothing but contempt. Perhaps there really are some tunes you should just leave alone!

I really don't know How I feel about this one. "Hunky Dory" by "David Bowie" is possible in my top 10 no wait top 20 favorite albums of all time. I was raised on that shit!! My mother being a huge fan of bowie made sure I knew every word to this album by the age of 10. Maybe I'm being protective over it because I have so many childhood memories listening to this album. Or maybe it just aint that cool.
I'll let you decide this is Run & hide Jay Electronica

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